Aga Kwiecien

Aga Kwiecien works for Gladwell Academy as Global Business Development Manager. Growth and development of organizations are central topics in her work. With over 10 years of hands-on experience in advice and delivery of Learning programs and Business Transformation Aga helps companies in the Public & Private Sector to increase their revenue, improve customer satisfaction or cut costs. Aga has a strong background in Business Development Management, Marketing, Change Management and deep experience working on the business side to ensure an integrated approach to transformation programs. Her business sense combined with her philosophy background makes her an effective leader and easy to work with. She understands new environments quickly, which gives meaningful insights in what can be improved. Through the knowledge and years of experience she has become a full partner for all layers in the organization. She challenges her clients to work continuously on improvements and reflect on the impact of technological developments and unlimited digital possibilities. Aga is an engaged individual who is able to read situations quickly by asking the right questions and listening to what is happening around her. Clients mostly emphasize her enthusiasm, positive energy, passion and fresh perspective. In her free time she enjoys travelling, photography, culture and having a good glass of wine.