Speakers RTE Summit 2022

This year's edition of RTE Summit features more than 15 high level presenters full of mind-blowing stories and valuable insights for the Release Train Engineer role... Discover them all!

Ali Hajou

Chairman RTE Summit 2022
Ali is an absolute Agile Nerd with more than a decade of proven, hands-on experience of supporting Agile adoption.
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Carl Starendal

SAFe Fellow and SPCT
Experienced Lean-Agile leader, across a diverse range of industries, in and beyond the software industry.
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Christoph Stettina

Senior consultant at Blinklane and assistant professor at Leiden University
Experience in a wide range of business agility subjects and passion in connecting strategy to execution.
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Dominik Lorenzer

RTE, Trainer, SPC, Agile Coach at BMW Group
A big part of Dominik's current work is to combine the OKR Framework with the SAFe Framework, about which he will talk in this years RTE Summit.
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Eelco Rustenburg

SPCT / Digital Transformer / Agile Writer at BlinkLane Consulting
Eelco is Partner at Blinklane. He is a seasoned Agile management consultant and one of worlds top trainers. He has written the bestselling book “the Power of Scrum” together with Jeff Sutherland.
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Guus Prick

RTE at Mercedes-Benz AG
Release Train engineer of a 12 team ART.
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Hào Lǐ

Agile Coach at Allianz Consulting, SAFe® iSPCT, RTE
Hào provides guidance, consulting, training and coaching services across Lean Portfolio Management, Solution Management, LACE and Agile Release Trains for Business Master Platform Program
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Heiko Sudar

RTE, Trainer, SPC, Agile Coach at BMW Group
Heiko has been helping organizations to transform their product development methods from rather classic and project oriented to a more customer-centric and agile product development mindset.
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Jimmy Nelson

Creative Director at Jimmy Nelson Studio
If you change the way you look at people, the people you look at change. And if that change is powerful enough, it will gather momentum to affect the whole of humanity.
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Jurgen Appelo

Author, serial founder, successful entrepreneur and speaker
Jurgen offers concrete games, tools, and practices, so you can introduce better management, with fewer managers
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Maarten Lim

Research Internship at Blinklane Consulting
The past year I've taken a scientific deep dive into the topics of organizational agility and agile transformations.
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Mayank Khare

RTE / Agile Transformation Coach at KLM
RTE of the Year 2021
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Niels Groen

Managing Partner and SPCT
Niels is a Managing Partner at Blinklane, SPCT trainer and holds a PHD in Policy and Governance
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Odile Moreau

SAFe Strategic advisor and SPCT at Scaled Agile Inc.
My drive is helping (international) organisations through their adoption of business agility.
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Stefan Groen

Captain at a large Dutch Airline
With almost 20 years of experience in aviation, Stefan understands the importance and implications of servant leadership.
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Rajender Bouman

Agilist building Value Based ARTs
Agilist building Value Based ARTs
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Willem-Jan van Asseldonk

Sr. Sales Engineer and Solutions Architect at Digital.ai
Relentless focus and innovation when connecting people, tooling and data has enabled me to build success for my customers and their needs.
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Wolfgang Brandhuber

SPCT Project and Team
Wolfgang is doctor-engineer in electrical engineering and has worked as an IT consultant for more than 16 years.
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