TDD/BDD Workshop

Improve your craft and deliver valuable software sooner with our highly interactive 1-Day workshop.


The skills a software developer needs to truly be excellent include both technical and behavioural practices. How can you work harmoniously with teammates, manage technical debt, keep code easy to change, reduce the number of defects produced, and reliably get work done?

In this highly interactive, online workshop, you will learn how to collaborate more effectively, work more safely, improve your craft and deliver valuable software sooner.


In this workshop you will be learning:

  • How do we bring in technical agility in teams?
  • What is green field software development?
  • When does greenfield turn to brownfield?
  • Are there ways to bring a brownfield software back to greenfield
  • How does TDD help to bring in technical agility?
  • Why should we practice BDD?
  • Practically implementing TDD.
  • Challenges in scaling TDD.
  • How to overcome it.
  • Practically implementing BDD.
  • Where do TDD and BDD intersect?
  • Who can write BDD features?

At the end of the workshop, participants will be in a position to:

  1. Clearly articulate why TDD and BDD is important in achieving technical agility.
  2. How TDD and BDD promote clean code approaches.
  3. When to use TDD and BDD.
  4. How TDD and BDD complement each other.


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