Agile for Hardware Quick-start Workshop

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Agile for Hardware Quick-start Workshop

21 May @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join us on the 21st of May 10:00 – 12:00 for a free Quick-start on Agile for Hardware!

Being a successful organisation depends mostly on human aspects. When working Agile, the focus is on working together in teams and on the authority to make decisions yourself. In the Agile for Hardware Quick-start you will find out how to apply Agile in Hardware projects.

The Quick-start is a workshop were you will receive tools to gain a better understanding in how Agile for Hardware works. Gladwell Academy is offering an Agile for Hardware conference and course as follow up for the Quick-start.


Agile for Hardware Quick-start – Tuesday May 21st

‘Lead the market – Pole position advantage’

  • Get into MVP mindset
  • Learn about Evolutionary System Engineering
  • How to employ Parallel Design Options
  • Use Set-Based design to cope with Change

The Agile for Hardware Quick-start is given between 10.00 and 12.00


Read our Whitepaper on the topic: Agile @ Hardware Manufacturing
Download it here!


Your trainers during the Quick-start: Davar Azarmi and Ali Hajou


Ali Hajou has experienced the advantages of iterative product development that include the development of hardware and software components in the pharmaceutical industry, the semiconductor industry, and more.  Ali helped them find their own Agile Way of Working, as ‘the standard practices’ do not always apply ‘right out-the-box’.


Davar Azarmi is a multidisciplinary professional with more than 16 years of experience in variety of IT and business roles. He is proficient in areas such as strategic management, IT management, change management, software engineering, lean and agile methodologies and data analytics. He has supported a microchip producer to adapt Agile way of working at scale. As a result, they improved their quality and time to market drastically and managed their budgets and resources better.




Squash your time-to-market by learning from the pioneers in the industry

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